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Off Licence Insurance

If you run an off license you will not need reminding that you no doubt carry a significant amount of valuable stock that is at risk of being stolen. Therefore, it would make sense to take out Off License Insurance to provide you with some peace of mind that, should you be broken into or have a fire, you can claim on your policy and quickly replenish your stock levels thus having little impact on your business's profitability.

Of course, if you either own or are responsible for insuring the premises you can include buildings insurance within your Off License Insurance policy. This should cover you for any damage caused to the property due to such things as flood, fire, storm and subsidence as well as damage caused due to a burglar breaking in.

You can also arrange cover of your contents and will no doubt wish to ensure that any fixtures and fittings and equipment are also insured. This could include such things as a computer and shop till.

You will obviously have customers visiting the off license. If a customer were to trip over something in your shop and break an arm they may sue you for things like loss of earnings if they are unable to work or for the cost of medical treatment. Public Liability Insurance would cover you for such an eventuality.

By law, you will need to arrange Employers' liability Insurance if you employ anyone as this would provide you with cover should an employee sue you if they had a serious accident at work and sought substantial damages from you.

You may wish to consider Business Interruption Insurance. If your premises were burnt to the ground this is likely to prevent you from running your business for a period of time and have a negative impact on your income. This type of insurance is designed to cover you for this eventuality replacing the income you would lose.

It may also be possible to arrange Loss of License Insurance and Product Liability Insurance.

It is important that you obtain the cover you require so why not contact Shop Insurance Direct who will help to arrange a competitive quote.

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